Ann Irvine, Poochie Myers, Susan Sturtevant and Sonia Robinson are the founding owners/ artists of Guild Hall Gallery. Their vision, inspirations and artistic spirits have lifted and encouraged hundreds of key west artists in the past 31 years.

We are currently a collective body of 21 or so artists working together to create an inspiring environment for both artists and visitors.

When you visit the gallery you will feel the joy that emits from each of us as we follow our passion for art. Our unique gallery allows each artist the opportunity to create their own space that reflects their individual color, vibration and evolving body of work.

Guild Hall Gallery is an artist co-op and relies on a collaborative effort of all the artists to exist. We are fortunate enough to have a wonderful team of creative people who put forth both time as well as energy to make Guild Hall the amazing gallery that it is today.

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614 Duval Street, Key West, Florida 33040
305.296.6076 Please contact us : 305.296.6076 or email us with your order


Guild Hall Gallery Key West Artists are :

Ann Irvine, Sonia Robinson, Poochie Myers, Susan Sturtevant, Armida Averette, Jennifer Averette, Thomas H. Avery, Rick Burnett, Lynn Fischer, CJ Groth, Chuck Hightower, Joan Walters & Joanne Jarzombek, Bob Kennedy, Scott McCollum, Meike Zuechner, Wendi Ney, Joan Oesterling, Claire Perrault, Michael Phillips, Tim Rahn, Antonio Rodriguez, Yurien Rodriguez, Suzy Toronto, Ron Van Balen, Mally Weaver

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