Ann and Ron in Key West

Ron Teaching Art Tasting Class
click on images for a larger view Artist / Sculptor Ron Van Balen, who grew up in the industrial suburbs of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, has lived in Key West Florida for over twenty years. Married with two children, his favorite pastimes are traveling with his family and making art. Retired from a long career in art education, Ron is now able to devote all of his time to creating art.

Using lyrical interpretation and positive themes, Ron's artwork combines symbolic references and humor to connect with the viewer. Combining ladders, rulers and bridges with realistic, hand - crafted figures, Ron creates sculpture ideal for creative spaces. It is incredibly imaginative and adds an artistic essence to any space.

"Bending the Rules"

"Bending the Rules"

"Upward and Onward"

" No one said it would be easy "


"Love Nest"


"Spin 2"

Spin 2 Detail

"Spin 4"

"Loving the Spin"

Designed to reflect the emotions and elations that are felt during the wonderful experience of love, Ron has created a male and female version of this piece. Each hand - crafted model is created using clay and painted with acrylic paint. The base is molded aluminum crafted using heat and pressure to form a wonderful spiral.

See Ron's work at Guild Hall Gallery : 614 Duval Street, Key West, Florida 33040 or EMAIL Ron :
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